Nature School in Iran

The experience of playing with joy and freedom in nature and playing with your playmates in alleys and the neighborhood was the everyday experience of every child in our country until a few decades ago. Trees, garden insects, and animals, which we dealt with as kids, are the ingredients of the childhood memories of the majority of us. Mud, water, soil, and other natural elements of the land consist of a color and smell which are bold and clear, and they create the emotional foundation for many of our adulthood hobbies.

Training Workshops

In December 2015, Kavikonj, as the first nature school in the country, set up an educational workshop for the enthusiasts who were willing to join the nature school plan in the country. In this workshop, Kavikonj provided the training content, which had been prepared by the constant processing of its own experiences.


The “Mr. Worm’s Journeys” project started in 2013. On these journeys, which took place on the weekends, the children were taken to nature. They had the opportunity to act with freedom and joy in the heart of nature with all the safety measures.